Carolina Emerging Scholars

Today I had the pleasure of presenting at the Carolina Emerging Scholars conference in Lancaster, SC. The theme was Deathless Love and I decided to do a creative reading from my chapbook in progress, which is a retelling of myths, fables, and fairy tales. I was equally excited to find, once I got the program, that there were two other students presenting on fairy tales.

My presentation went really well and my work was warmly received. It’s so good to get that kind of feedback, in addition to the positive responses I’ve been getting from friends and family. What also helps is that I’ve started writing more poems in for the chapbook recently. I was worried that, after fifteen or so, I had used up all of my ideas and had nothing left to say. I’ve been reading and researching again, which is helping fill the well. Today was helpful too. I learned a lot of interesting things about spiritualism, spiritual photography, memorial photography, the Persephone myth, and zombies. I’m so glad I went and I’m also glad that the car didn’t break down on the way there. I was worried.

It’s just so important for me to not worry as much about what I am going to write and instead to read, research, and actually show up at the page. If I try to pre-determine, I often get stuck. That’s not to say I don’t brainstorm lists. I do, but I don’t let them determine what I have to write. Anyhow, productive day and I got home in time to watch Doctor Who!

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