“it is never an easy decision or task
to write about one’s emotional landscape.”
-bell hooks

I am an artist, creative nonfiction writer, and poet pursuing my MFA at the University of South Carolina. Though I live in the south, I am originally from Colorado. The longer I am gone, the more I find western landscapes moving into my work. My passion is social justice and the way the written word can create change. I teach poetry workshops as social outreach, typically to marginalized or otherwise silenced groups. I write a lot in the areas of trauma and embodiment. Currently, I am working on a book length memoir that will serve as my thesis.


3 thoughts on “Biography

  1. This is wonderful news! I too am a bi writer and a student. It is great to see more of us out here.

  2. Antioch low res in So Cal is huge on social justice. In fact, it’s required. Also very diverse in compariosn with most MFA programs. I’m there now. It might be of interest to you. Good luck wherever you choose.

    • Great, thank you. I actually found them on an AWP list and the program and price look amazing. How do you like the program? Which genre are you studying?

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